Home Decor & Furniture from Indonesia is One of The Best in The World

Home décor is a way of decorating a house with the aim of making the house more orderly, neat, clean and has high aesthetic value. The decorations chosen also vary depending on each home owner.
Various kinds of home decoration concepts are certainly very many and interesting. For example, such as industrial, minimalist, Scandinavian, farmhouse, retro style decorations, to classic nuanced decorations.
One concept that is currently trending and has a lot of enthusiasts is the farmhouse style decoration. Farmhouse style home decor is a decoration that applies a natural rural atmosphere. In general, this concept prioritizes a calm, cool atmosphere and one with nature. It’s no wonder that farmhouse style decorations often use a variety of craft products made from natural soft materials. Such as the use of soft material crafts from rattan, water hyacinth, agel, seagrass (seagrass), banana fronds, bamboo, and pandan. Now this seagrass craft can make your home more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.
Home decoration designs that apply the Farmhouse (rural) concept that uses wood as an exterior can provide warmth with a natural impression. The furniture used in this concept usually uses vintage and unique furniture.
Apart from wooden home décor and furniture, rattan can add texture and dimension when used as a home decoration. The use of rattan for home decoration, which is durable and versatile. Rattan also never goes out of fashion. The use of rattan makes the room feel warmer.

Adding the unique design and texture of the wicker chairs adds a lot of visual interest to the room. In fact, you can put rattan furniture in your workspace like rattan chairs because rattan is a good choice for any room with any design.

Try using rattan furniture to decorate the ceiling, such as a pendant type ceiling lamp with a hood made of rattan. Rattan hoods featuring intricate and highly detailed woven will look beautiful to decorate the ceiling of the kitchen room or other room according to taste.

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