Handcraft made by Water hyacinth, Agel, Seagrass, Iron Frame, Pandan

Water hyacinth is often regarded as an agricultural pest and waste by the community. However, in the hands of craftsmen, water hyacinth is able to change its function as a high-value furniture and craft material.
Water hyacinth has many advantages, among which the price is quite affordable. In addition, water hyacinth is an eco-friendly and sustainable material for the environment.
Apart from being easy to find, this plant can be made using a woven technique so that it has a neat and visible texture, as well as being elastic and easy to shape. The average water hyacinth product can reach an age of up to 8 years.
Agel fiber is obtained from the leaves of gebang trees. This is one of the variants of the palm tree. Gebang tree fiber is used as material for making various fashion products such as bags, hats and wallets, carpets, pillow cases and tablecloths.
Seagrass plants or commonly called seagrass are plants that live and grow under the surface of the shallow sea. Woven from seagrass or commonly known as seagrass/mendong has a strong, thick weave. Seagrass or seagrass produces a variety of crafts such as home decorations, seagrass rugs, seagrass wall decorations, seagrass baskets, craft bags, sandals, hats.
Along with the development of the times, now the use of banana trees can be made into unique and funny handicrafts. This handicraft from banana trees can be an alternative for you to collect unique objects made from banana trees. So far, banana trees are considered as trash that cannot be reused. However, thanks to the growing creativity, banana fronds can now be formed into usable goods that have a high selling value. Utilization of dried and rolled banana fronds can be a strong basket for storing goods and various crafts made from banana fronds such as: bags, wall decorations, etc.
Bamboo is one of the many tropical plants found in Indonesia. Bamboo can be used to meet various needs for clothing, food, and boards. Woven products from bamboo not only have a practical function, but also an aesthetic function. The woven crafts produced are not just goods, but also capable of being an eye-catcher that has artistic and beautiful value.
In addition, its elastic nature makes it easier for craftsmen to be creative in making crafts. Even though it is elastic, this black bamboo has strong properties, not easily broken or brittle. This factor makes black bamboo an ideal raw material for handicrafts.

Pandan leaves are one type of leaf that has a characteristic, which is a sharp shape with an angle on the leaf. Where in general, pandan leaves are used to add aroma to several types of dishes, not only that, pandan leaves can also be used to make a green color naturally.
Actually, the benefits of pandan leaves are not only that, but pandan leaves can also be used to make various types of crafts that have high artistic value, even crafts from pandan leaves can also be sold at quite high prices. Crafts from pandan leaves include: pandan leaf mats, baskets, fans, flower vases, bags, etc

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